Kids Face Mask FFP2 for Age 0-10

Kids Face Mask FFP2 for Age 0-10

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These children FFP2 / N95 face masks moulded RD (un-valved) are filtering masks that are recommended when protection of the respiratory system is needed (differences detailed below).

They are FFP2 grade (N95 equivalent) and meet the guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO). They are recommended for use by the WHO during outbreaks of SARS and Coronavirus.

Sourced in China. One mask per pack.

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What type of face mask is good against the corona virus, also known as the covid-19 or Wuhan virus? According to medical expo, FFP2 masks are currently being used to help protect against being infected with the corona virus.

FFP2 masks have a minimum of 94% filtration percentage and maximum 8% leakage to the inside. They are mainly used in construction, agriculture, and by healthcare professionals against influenza viruses. They are currently used for protection against the coronavirus.

These hygiene face masks are either valved or unvalved filtering masks that are recommended when protection of the respiratory system is needed.

They are FFP2 grade (N95 equivalent) and meet the guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO). They are recommended for use by the WHO during outbreaks of SARS, Avian Flu and Coronavirus.

These filtration masks are sourced in China.

The FFP2 / N95 Face Masks are a half-mask respirator that covers the nose and mouth when fitted properly. They have 2 elastic headbands to keep the mask in place and are white in colour. They also have a small metal section that sits across the bridge of the nose when in use.

You can buy these from the “UK Face Mask”. The FFP2 face mask listed above will help protect wearers against the Coronavirus.

The Hygiene Face Masks are easy to use and can be worn by anyone. To fit, simply hold the mask and place it over your nose and mouth. Bring both elasticated headbands over your head and adjust the position until it’s comfortable.

The bottom elasticated headband should sit at the nape of your neck and the top elasticated headband should sit just above the crest of your head (the widest part).

Once the face mask is in place, you can adjust the fitting on your nose by pinching or moving the metal bridge section so that it fits closely but without being too tight.

The masks are comfortable to wear as they are lightweight and non-bulky.

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17 reviews for Kids Face Mask FFP2 for Age 0-10
    Melinda Turcato
    February 8, 2021
    Fantastic! Would definitely buy from here again.
    christina stewart
    February 3, 2021
    These are the BEST masks I have ordered from anywhere. I am so glad that I found their items. I will definitely be ordering again. They arrived on time. They were well packaged. I am very pleased and I do recommend this seller.
    Milly Polanco
    January 28, 2021
    Amazing quality, beautiful prints, easy to breathe and extremely comfortable. The best masks we've purchased thus far. My daughter loves them. I will definitely be purchasing more.
    Jenifer Steinle
    January 20, 2021
    Received the masks today. This time the delivery was fast.This the 2nd times I bought from the seller.👍Thank you,will buy again and highly recommended .
    Marianne Paquette
    December 31, 2020
    This mask is cheap and good. Was worried that they will give the wrong gender but their service is good.
    Cheryln Ritchie
    December 17, 2020
    Fits my 4yrs old girl & 5yrs old boy, as they have small face 👍. got it washed, ready to use them tomorrow.
    Craig Rogers
    November 30, 2020
    Quality quite good!
    November 15, 2020
    Mask fits my 6yo nicely. Not the first time buying from this seller. Fast delivery and it’s cheap.
    Matthew Price
    October 27, 2020
    Haven't try, but I think it is fit to my child.
    Charles Goehring
    October 9, 2020
    Requested for boys style and I received them. Thank you.
    Gwendolyn Rendleman
    September 29, 2020
    Very well received and speedy delivery.. loving the design as well..
    Brian Mauldin
    September 2, 2020
    Took about a week to deliver. Would be good if we could choose the designs in future.
    April Sullivan
    August 11, 2020
    Just so beautiful and good quality, why can't buy them elsewhere, shipping took ten days :( but not seller's fault..
    August 2, 2020
    Bought for 8yr old girls and they fit perfect, washable, and double layers.
    miss c
    July 3, 2020
    We are so glad we bought two sets of these, and fit the kids perfectly. Not too hot, not too thin fabric.
    B Alvarez
    June 30, 2020
    Bought for my 3.5 yo boy in light of the current COVID-19 situation. He love it and happy wearing it all day!
    Kate D.
    June 5, 2020
    Excellent product! Adjustable ear loops and the size was prefect for a 4yr old as ads.
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