Colourful 3D Face Masks for Women

Colourful 3D Face Masks for Women


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They’re 3D masks.
Individual Packing. One mask per pack.

  • Blue x30
  • Yellow x30
  • Green x30
  • Pink x30
  • White x30
  • Orange x30
  • MixA x30
  • MixB x30
  • MixC x60


Colourful 3D Face Mask

According to the CDC guidelines in the Omicron variant era, wearing fashion face mask is still very encouraged, even for people who completely suck blood. Sidenote: if you haven’t finished teavvaxp and teamwork, please consider that it’s about protecting others, just like protecting yourself. Teamwork makes dreams come true! According to CDC’s 2019 coronavirus disease, “vaccine remains the best public health measure to protect people from covid-19 transmission and reduce the possibility of new variants.”

I don’t need to remind you that COVID-19 is still very much a thing, and the Omicron mutation is causing a sharp increase in the number of cases, because it is more infectious than the original virus… But I am here. In any case, it is still very important to continue to wear cute face masks or cool face masks in public places (even indoors) and slow down transmission according to the authorized guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and prevention. Wearing colorful face masks helps limit the spread of respiratory droplets into the air or other people or objects when you cough, sneeze or speak.

Oh, before you go shopping, there are a few simple things: because protection is the game name of these bad things, please make sure your “close to your face”, wash it after each use (more instructions here), and remove it without touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Last but not least, don’t forget to wash your hands after taking your hands off your beautiful little face! Now, needless to say, the following is our list of the most lovely masks on the market and where we can buy them online.

Fortunately, some of us still want to serve ~ lewks ~ in this uncertain period (we don’t blame you, it’s therapeutic!), Fashion brands, boutiques and every retailer on Etsy basically have a lot of fashion and cheap masks you want to wear. In fact, the design of the protective mask has become so cool that it is incomplete without 2022 ootd. Next, we summarize 45 of our favorite.

Product Features

  • 6 colourful design.
  • 3D protection
  • Soft ear band
  • Make up free for women
  • Size: 107 x 135 mm
  • 3 Layers: with x1 PLY meltblown fabric
  • Individual Packing: Yes
  • Free gift: x1 quick storage bag
  • Shelf Life: 2 years

3-Layer Filter

3-ply face mask is protective and high filter efficiency. The outermost 1 layer non-woven fabric can filter large particles, middle 1-layer melt-blown fabric can block more then 95% particles, 1 layer non-woven fabric is skin-friendly and softer that give you the comfortable usage experience.

Protective Barrier

Not easy to drop, no need to adjust it when you work. Softer elastic ear loop design of the face mask helps eliminate pressure on the ears for comfortable experience. Adjustable nose clip design can help the mask perfectly attach onto your face. This The four sides join tightly to the face; Hence, the protective mask it avoids unfiltered air directly entering into.

3D Design

The 3D shape cup dust mask is designed according to the human face shape to ensure the tightness, to fit the human face, to increase the breathing volume when use the face mask.

Portable & Light

A lightweight and foldable design makes these face masks easy to fold into your bag, easy to incorporate and save space. You can carry with you to any where you want to go. They are a great choice to take along when you will be among people and want to stay safe.

Colour & Qty

Blue x30, Yellow x30, Green x30, Pink x30, White x30, Orange x30, MixA x30, MixB x30, MixC x60

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